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The Ultimate Goal

Every internet marketer has an ultimate goal in mind when they first start making money online. Once they realize their original goal was too hard to achieve they have either given up or had to start from square one. Luckily, I found success in another rather profitable niche and have composed a majority of my income to date on that single general niche. After nearly two years of earning money blogging (March 1st marks the two year anniversary for me where I started making $2-3 dollars per day off the bat), I feel I have developed a few of the things that will help me reach what I have always deemed to be my ultimate goal. Here are some of the things I have acquired over the last two years that are pretty much invaluable to my past and future success as an internet marketer.

First of all, the knowledge of basically everything in general has been the greatest asset to me. Once you learn it, it’s just a matter of applying it. I think my dedication to the idea of making money online has helped me do what was most profitable to me. I started reading about blogging 5 months before I actually started this blog, and the only blog I had started before this was one I had simply started for fun on WordPress.com (freely created blogs that allow practically no advertising). By following some of the greatest and learning from them I was able to learn the basics to turn that blog I was using purely for fun into a popular site getting 1,000+ views a day for a while! The knowledge will be with you forever and can be used over and over again. If you want to make money online, it is vital that you learn how to blog and search engine optimization at some point. You can’t pay for these processes every time you want to start a new site in a new niche.

I have created a network of sites. Some people believe that a site must be niche related to have any real impact, but I’m not one of those people. I have several sites that have started to develop some PageRank and with the next update I foresee many of these sites improving as well as the first PageRank of some of my newer sites. This network of sites, especially those with one hundred plus indexed pages, is crawled daily due to the daily updates on the sites. I can use these sites to help new sites get established and generate their own PageRank. It’s a lot easier to build off your old sites success than it is to start from scratch.

An internet forum full of users interested in making money online. A forum can have so many uses for the owner. I could use a forum to get a ton of RSS Subscribers quickly to anything in the general niche, chances are it wouldn’t be asking much since they are already interested in the content I write. A forum also has many indexed pages which can be used for backlinks. You really have to be aware of what you are asking for. I’m not saying you should own a forum to take advantage of people, I’m saying that by owning the forum you can spread the word to users in more ways than the average user. I could mass pm or email users and many of them are likely to want to help out.

An internet identity. I am well known (not necessarily liked, but known) by thousands of internet marketers, and nearly 100,000 people interested in making money online for one reason or another. Becoming well known in itself could bring you decent search engine traffic and if I can offer something of interest to those who know me, they just might help me along whether it’s a blogroll link or them simply becoming an RSS Subscriber. I would recommend setting up a new identity in every different niche you are in and never your real one, but that’s just me.

Finally and most importantly, I’ve met the right people. Consider them friends, consider them contacts, or simply another aspect of blogging, they will help the same. I’ve met many people and consider some of them to be each of the above, a friend, a contact, or just another person who can help me. I think this is the most important because you need both contacts and friends. Friends to keep you from giving up and contacts who you can get help from when you need it.

I think between these things and a few other smaller things that I will be able to reach my ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is something so profitable that I find it senseless to go about it on my own. I believe this for two reasons. The first reason is that I’ve tried this before and gave up, what’s to stop me from doing so again when I don’t see the normally quick results that I’ve become accustomed to. The second being, it’s just so much easier. The profits in the end are so great that they can be split and still leave me with more than I know what to do with. Pending one of my better internet marketer and friends decision, I may have my knowledgeable partner ready to give this a go.

The ultimate goal? Front page for the keyword ‘Make Money Online’. This keyword is cherished by everybody in the make money blogging niche and can bring in some of the easiest money I’ve seen online. It will take months of work, but it will be worth it. Yet another Trying Hard attempt at bringing this blog back, we’ll see how that goes this time around.


WordPress Sites Can Be Profitted Upon

Did you know that you can get around that common misconception of your free wordpress.com blogs being able to make you money? Well that’s right, there is a way. Now before I get all of you honest wordpress.com users up in my case, I’d like to point out this blog is for people who want to make money blogging. How you make it is irrelevant.

In the terms of service it says you can’t create a blog specifically for referral advertising. Interesting. You can’t create it for the purpose of advertising, but if along the way you decide you want to publish a post with a referral link you can get away with it.

Now, with that being said, don’t get carried away. I don’t want to be the cause of your beloved 3 year old blog getting banned. I have 160 posts on mine, about 5 have referral links. These 5 are also the ones getting traffic. While my traffic shows my site is about referring, my post count and topics show otherwise.


What’s My Blog Really Worth?

I’m wondering how my blog will stack up with the other blogs out there once I get this blog approved for the payperpost site. I think I will receive quite a few offers for post if I go in at a low price. That’s where I’m unsure what to do. I don’t know how much I should charge, if I’m allowed to set a minimum price at all. We’ll have to see. I’ll report on this site once I find out how much I like it.

While I don’t want to spam my readers with paid plugs, it’s the only way for the blog to exist right now. I tried publishing content daily before but when I failed to make even a dollar after over a month I kind of lost interest considering one of my other blogs took off and starting booming.


I’m Back

I kind of avoided this blog for a while. I’ve finally decided that I want to give it another shot for a few reasons. I also have a few more options for making money with it as many sites won’t let you sign up until your site is x months old. At about 6 months old I’ll be able to use those paid plug sites which will make my time blogging closer to minimum wage than it was back when I first started this.

I was having issues getting my first dollar on here before. I’m going to rework some things and hopefully get this blog off the ground. If not, you can probably expect this site to fade into nothing again in a few weeks. Help encourage me with an RSS subscription.


Back to the Basics: Choosing Your Niche

Several months ago I was reading all about the make money blog niche and decided it would be something fun to enter, and probably the easiest niche to monetize. Three months in, I have realized it is probably not the niche I should have chosen. In fact, the free blog I set up on WordPress about gaming is the only blog I’ve monetized yet. Granted I am nearing the $2,000 mark from almost 6 months of blogging, I am still enjoying the niche.

While the biggest mistake I made was not getting it’s own domain soon enough, I still enjoy it. Had I moved that blog to it’s own domain, I would have been able to monetize it very well. I am getting 1,200 views a day on that blog! Almost all of it coming from Google too. If I were to have Google AdSense up on a domain getting that traffic I could have made another couple hundred. If I sold private ads, another couple thousand.

What I’m getting at is picking your niche is very important. If it weren’t for me trying to prove the Noob that I can succeed in this niche, I would have dropped it a long time ago. Pick a niche you enjoy writing in. There are so many ways to monetize any niche, it’s just a matter of finding out how. Make it easier on yourself and start off from the get go with a niche you enjoy writing in.


Reason For Inactivity

So for the last week or so I haven’t even had a post to put up. There are two reasons for this, and they are both pretty valid reasons. I don’t like to leave the blog unposted on as usually I notice a dip in subscribers. Oddly, the count has gone up over the time I’ve spent not posting.

The first reason was I was having some hosting problems. I accidently had some files deleted for one of my other sites, and when I restored them it wasn’t working right. I had my host restore everything back to the way it had been several days before so it would have taken away any new posts I’d have posted since.

The second reason is I didn’t want to risk logging in here. An email and affiliate account of mine were hacked. I lost $250, but I got the accounts back. I was fairly convinced that I’d been keylogged so I didn’t want to log into anything important, which means my blog. I’ve determined it was luck, but who knows. Hopefully my accounts are still mine this time next week though.

I’ll be sure to start posting strong again. Maybe to make a little twist on things I will start talking about how I make money online, as blogging isn’t exactly doing it right now, and I have several projects in the works. Thanks for sticking with me through those days of inactivity.


Monetize Your Every Post

What if I could tell you make money bloggers out there that every post you make could make you money? What if I were to say, it would make you money for months and years to come? It wouldn’t even require more than a days planning ahead and the same amount of time put into writing them? There is a way, and I’m considering it.

Like some of you may know, I used to be one of the most successful writers at Triond. I was making several hundred a month there. After reading the noobs blog, and can’t get rich I decided that I could take my current knowledge over to the blogging business, and be even more successful. Well, after over three months of inactivity at Triond I realized that I had made a rather big mistake. Recently I’ve been considering dropping this blog because I’m making nothing off of it, yet the time I spend doing these posts could be spent writing for Triond.

That’s when it hit me. Triond’s terms of service allow you to publish your content elsewhere after you publish it on thier site. So the content, essentially, will just be published in two places. The majority of my readers on this blog will probably never notice it. This is a make money blog though, so I will include the posts earnings from Triond in my monthly reports.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, on to telling you why you should consider doing this with your gaming blog, niche site, or even some sort of poem blog. On Triond you get paid per view on your content. Simple enough, but obviously the payout rate isn’t amazing. It averages about $0.03 per 10 views. Combine this with Digg and StumbleUpon, a little SEO, and some great friendships, you can easily make $5.00 per post (about 2.5k views on average).

They take about a day to publish your content though, so you wouldn’t be able to do this with current event sort of posts, but anything else that can wait a day would give you enough time to get it up on Triond first. I have been paid before so I know they are legit.


Make Backups

Yesterday when I tried to log in I realized that my hosting was down for a few hours. All my sites were down, and since this is the first time this has happened to me I was a bit worried. I’ve heard of people losing entire weeks of their posts for various reasons.

Hosts will automatically backup your sites every once in a while. If your host has an option where you can make backups upon request, I’d suggest doing it every few days to prevent any great loss. I know the cpanel I use lets me do this.

Don’t learn your lesson the hard way. Make backups of all your posts to prevent lost content.


Contest Winners Announced

I ran my first contest a short while ago and it was my most commented on post yet. Granted there were only 6 entrants. Since there were only six entries I just decided to pull names out of a hat. Also, I went with three prizes simply because there was little interest.

Geoff won the first place prize. He will receive a free sponsored post, a 125×125 ad, and a backlink in my blog roll.

Bloggernoob won second earning him a free 125×125 ad and a blog roll link.

Neil won third earning him a free backlink and I’ll throw in another 125×125 to even it out with my Entrecard ad.

These bloggers must simply comment to receive their prizes.

There are many benefits of commenting on blogs. Like for example, the free mentioning in my blog that was given away to all commentors of a previous post.

Rory of Online Money

Craig of Gamer Reviews

and Blake of Illiterate Poet all saw the benefits of commenting.


Edit Spam or Cruel Comments

I really have no idea what effect comments have on a page. I’m just assuming that, other than showing your pages popularity to others, it also has to have some sort of effect on your keyword density for the page. That, in turn, partially effects your keyword rankings for that page.

I’m sure you’ve all had posts where people get angry with you for one thing or another. While you may not want to keep these posts, you really have to differentiate between comments that disagree and comments that flame. There are also a few things to keep in mind when editing comments.

WordPress blogs hosted at WordPress (I haven’t tried it on a self-hosted blog) make it so that you can edit comments. Not only can you edit the name, URL, and email, but you can also edit the comment itself. Now you can take out that second link people try to include in their comments, or you can edit out personal notes from friends that you don’t want others to see.

When editing a comment you should check for three things. First, the name. If you’ve seen the name around your blog before, you may just want to delete the comment. If you edit a repeat commenters comment, you might end up with a not so friendly response and lose a reader. After you’ve looked at the name, go to the URL. Change this to one of your other blogs. Free backlink for you. Third, if the email address appears fake, chances are the person doesn’t want to be known. You can edit these comments as well because chances are they won’t be back.

I have a rather good post on my best WordPress hosted blogs. It’s ranked first page for a very nice keyword. It’s regaurding the announcement of a highly anticipated product. The product has yet to be announced, and so on April 1st I put on an April fools post about the announcement. Well when they get to the end and read that it was an April fools joke they aren’t too happy. I get tons of comments. Some I leave just for laughs, but some are just to inappropriate so I edit them to include some keywords that I would like for that post.

Remember, there are comments that are okay to edit, and there are comments you should think twice about. Only edit if you are sure it won’t be checked up on for a response from you. If you have any doubt about it simply delete it to save you from any future troubles.