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Archive for November, 2008


WordPress Sites Can Be Profitted Upon

Did you know that you can get around that common misconception of your free wordpress.com blogs being able to make you money? Well that’s right, there is a way. Now before I get all of you honest wordpress.com users up in my case, I’d like to point out this blog is for people who want to make money blogging. How you make it is irrelevant.

In the terms of service it says you can’t create a blog specifically for referral advertising. Interesting. You can’t create it for the purpose of advertising, but if along the way you decide you want to publish a post with a referral link you can get away with it.

Now, with that being said, don’t get carried away. I don’t want to be the cause of your beloved 3 year old blog getting banned. I have 160 posts on mine, about 5 have referral links. These 5 are also the ones getting traffic. While my traffic shows my site is about referring, my post count and topics show otherwise.


What’s My Blog Really Worth?

I’m wondering how my blog will stack up with the other blogs out there once I get this blog approved for the payperpost site. I think I will receive quite a few offers for post if I go in at a low price. That’s where I’m unsure what to do. I don’t know how much I should charge, if I’m allowed to set a minimum price at all. We’ll have to see. I’ll report on this site once I find out how much I like it.

While I don’t want to spam my readers with paid plugs, it’s the only way for the blog to exist right now. I tried publishing content daily before but when I failed to make even a dollar after over a month I kind of lost interest considering one of my other blogs took off and starting booming.


I’m Back

I kind of avoided this blog for a while. I’ve finally decided that I want to give it another shot for a few reasons. I also have a few more options for making money with it as many sites won’t let you sign up until your site is x months old. At about 6 months old I’ll be able to use those paid plug sites which will make my time blogging closer to minimum wage than it was back when I first started this.

I was having issues getting my first dollar on here before. I’m going to rework some things and hopefully get this blog off the ground. If not, you can probably expect this site to fade into nothing again in a few weeks. Help encourage me with an RSS subscription.