There’s not really much to say about me, so I’ll talk about the blog.

My hopes for this blog is pretty clear. It’s a make money blog, so obviously one of my goals is to make money with it. I don’t plan to make a living off my blog, because clearly that level is pretty hard to reach and requires the expertise of a professional blogger. I do hope to make a fairly decent sized check off of my blog to purchase a car, or go towards college payments.

What you can expect from this blog. Well you can expect one useful post everyday. By useful I mean a page that is helpful in learning how to make money blogging. Eventually there may be a few paid plugs put in here, but that will be in addition to the regularly schedules posts.

My goals are the following.

  1. Make Money
  2. 200 RSS Subscribers
  3. 100,000 or less Alexa Rating
  4. That all 200 RSS Subscribers earn at least $1.00 blogging

I plan to work hard to achieve all of these goals and more. Subscribe and follow the journey towards my completion of these, and many more goals.