Well what can I say, I’m new to the niche. How could I interest you in advertising on my blog? Well there are a few things I can say.

First, I have Entrecard credits to advertise on some of the biggest blogs. I have a way of getting in my daily limit of 600 clicks within 5 minutes. There will be endless traffic coming from Entrecard, and readers of the blogs I advertise on through Entrecard.

Second, I have a pretty large fan base on StumbleUpon, and they help me out a lot. They usually will give articles I add a thumbs up. This will help spread the site. Even without their help each post can easily reach about 300 visitors on a bad day.

Third, I’m cheap, I don’t give up, and I’m going to succeed. These are the lowest prices you will ever see on this blog. Take advantage of them because who knows when my blog will take a sudden leap in visitors making your money paid back to you 10x.

125×125 Ads

There will be 4 of these at the current time. There will be two in each sidebar at the top of the bar. These are excellent ways to get your ads displayed on every single page of my blog for readers to see.

Cost: $10 a month

–Special offer, you get to keep the spot for the month, plus however long it takes for somebody else to buy your slot. So if after a month, nobody else is waiting for the slot you will get to keep it until somebody buys it!

BlogRoll Link

Choose your anchor text. You can link to any site on the net. I would prefer something relevant to the niche and will make the final call on whether or not I am willing to advertise it. No porn, illegal downloads, or anything else offensive.

Cost: $5 a month limit of 5 links sold