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Free Facebook Advertising

If you’ve ever wanted to give affiliate marketing a try, or just want some free advertising for your blog then you’re in luck. Facebook has been giving out free advertising coupons for anybody to use. Thanks Neil, for pointing these out to me a few days ago.

The first $50 Coupon Code: T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH

The second $50 Coupon Code: 2JXY-WTFK-72Y0-VJ6Y

The third $50 Coupon Code R1X5-0NH7-5FXW-5YEC

For the final $100 code you must sign up for the Visa Small Business application here.

Just add the application, and check your email. The application will prompt you to fill in a bunch of information about a business. You are not required to do this. You can delete the application as soon as you get your code.

To credit your account with these codes go to your Facebook advertising page. Click ‘ads manager’, ‘billing’, ‘funding sources’, and then ‘enter coupon code’. The coupon will then show up on your account. They will also show their expiration date.


John Chow Noticed Me?

Ok so I know this isn’t something too terribly special. Today I look at my pending adverts and see John Chow staring right at me. I’m not even that big of a fan on his blog, but the fact that he is the leader in my niche, and that he chose to pay me to advertise on my Entrecard widget is pretty cool.

Chances are he chose my blog for one or two reasons. One, I only cost about 32-64 credits to advertise on, and two, I’m in the same niche as him. You’ll soon see him popping his card into my widget in the next few days.

I haven’t really talked that much about Entrecard. It’s something at least worth you looking into, but if you’re still unsure I’ll have some posts about it soon. It’s really one of those things, what is your situation, and where you stand with blogging.


Why You Should Advertise Here

I’m new to the make money blogging niche. This is actually my first week blogging. There’s never a bad time to start offering ads. I am going to be selling as of now three 125×125 ads until I can get enough time to work with my layout. I am selling them for $10 each per month. Here is the catch though. I will leave them up for at least a month. If I don’t have somebody waiting for the spot, and you choose not to readvertise, the spot is yours until somebody claims it. So you could possibly get more than you thought.

Obviously I have really few if any subscribers yet. Well, that will change. I’ve got some friends from a freelance writing site and a forum who have already expressed great interest in my blog, and are just waiting for a link. Next, advertising. I have 9,000 Entrecard credits that I plan to spend on the more expensive blogs on Entrecard. I will start getting in my 600 clicks a day as well. So basically I can pick a blog of my choice to advertise on every other day.

Content is another factor. How would you know that I will be active enough to get this blog started? I have the first 40 posts already written up. I plan to post them one a day after editing them. Throughout this time frame I plan to continue to write more posts to stock up. Eventually I’ll get to the point where I’m going to be writing the daily posts, that day. That won’t happen throughout your advertising period.

As a rather well known make money blogging niche writer bloggernoob once said in a post about taking baby steps towards making money online, “risk vs reward is very high with this type of business”. While this isn’t exactly prevalent to what he was saying at the time of this quote, it does coincide with advertising here. There is some risk in advertising on a new blog, the reward can be great. I have explained several reasons as to why the reward is very likely.

As you will read later tonight, make money niche blogs run a lot of contests. This post was used as my entry for a contest on bloggernoob.com. There are many reasons he would benefit from advertising on my blog, as well as any other make money blogging niche advertiser. First of all, my blog is in your niche. The people coming to this site will be interested in learning how to make money through blogging. If you advertise here, over some of the other entries in the contest you will get targeted traffic versus random traffic. Would you rather pay to advertise a make money blog on a make money blog or a blog with all sorts of random content?