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Blogging Theories


Popular Bloggers Comment Theory

I guess my blog isn’t starting as successful as I thought. I take the blame due to the fact I’m posting these posts too late for readers, and get removed from their feed. You may have read a recent post of mine about a theory of getting some popular bloggers to comment on your blog by linking to their posts. This is the test. Obviously, they may feel a bit obligated to comment due to the fact that this is a test to see if they view your blog. While they may not comment on your site, this will prove if they do view your site at a good turnover rate. These are all blogs in my feed. Clicking on their links will provide them more interest in seeing what this post is about that’s getting them views, so that’s what you need to do.

If you are into advertising on facebook you may like this affiliate marketing guide written on can’t get rich. It tells you how he slipped a few high paying, usually turned down offers, past the radars of facebook. It’s not a for sure thing every time, but it only takes one successful night to make a nice sum of change to start testing some potentially good offers.

Have you ever wondered about the affects of social media on your RSS feed? Caroline Middlebrook brings this excellent post to us describing the affects it has on your RSS feed.  It’s a great post from an ever popular blogger who has a huge fan base for a reason.

The University Kid is a younger blogger like me, and he continues to share his knowledge of making money online with this great posts about making websites sell. Flipping websites isn’t easy, and this guide is a pretty good start to learning how to flip sites for a $100 profit on one hours work.

There we go. I’ve posted three quality articles from three blogs in my niche that are in my feed. If they do happen to check this out, a comment to let us know would be wonderful. As for my readers, clicking on their websites will not only help the experiment by showing them that a decent sized amount of traffic has come from this post, but will also help you as these bloggers have a lot to share with us.


Get Popular Bloggers to View Your Blog

This is a simple theory on how to get a very well known blogger, or any blogger for that matter to view your blog. It involves absolutely no contact between you and the individual, yet you may be surprised by what you might get out of it. This is by no means a sure thing; however I believe it to be very likely that you will succeed.

Ok so most of you people reading my blog, actually have a blog. I could be wrong, but that’s not of any importance. If you don’t have a blog all you need to know is that all WordpPess blogs that use the default stats system will show sites that linked to you and were clicked on. Many other stats programs like Google Analytics do this as well. So let’s say I linked to my favorite blog the making money blog of bloggernoob.com. If you were to click that link it would show up in his stats that you got to his blog from this exact post. He would then click on that link in his stats and be brought to my post that includes his link.

I know some bloggers are interested in stats, and are more likely to come visit sites linking to them. Keep in mind that the more people clicking on the link to the other blog, the better your chances of attracting the blogger you wish to have view your blog. Ways to increase the clicks on the link would be to not link directly to the home page rather to a post. The post should be something your readers would like.

This is theory of mine, but I believe it will be a blogging tip in the near future. With further experimentation I hope to get a few well read bloggers to frequent my site, and hopefully get a free review out of at least one of them sometime in the future. To test this out I’ll need the names of some of your favorite bloggers. So give me a link to their blog and we will test it out in a post later this week.


Niche Cooperation

People in the same niche as you generally are not going to be interested in helping their competition. This theory is trying to make similar niche cooperation seem like a good idea, as well as discuss why it could be a good idea.

You’ve recently started a blog, you’re new to the niche, and you can’t do much about it. There are many things you will need to do to get a foothold in your niche. You need quality links to your site, RSS Subscribers, readers, commenter’s, and advertisers. This may seem overwhelming, but with a little cooperation it should be easy to achieve a few of these.

How are you supposed to compete with the leaders of the niche? The bloggers with thousands of readers and many years head start? Initially you can’t, and it’s unfair to yourself to judge yourself based upon the success of the bigger blogs. Find a few other new bloggers in your niche through Entrecard ad’s, StumbleUpon, or just plain old browsing Google.

A large part of your Google Page Ranking and your search engine rankings have to do with back links to your site. While there are hundreds of thousands of places you can put your link, a site of the same niche can help more than five links from completely opposite ideas. If I were to put links for this blog on xbox.com or hotmail.com it wouldn’t be as effective as a link from a making money blog like bloggernoob.com. If you have five friends you’ll place a “dofollow” link to all of their sites on every page of your blog, and they will do the same. Allow them to choose any keyword they would like as their anchoring text. You have successfully built yourself five quality back links that will appear globally across their blog.

Along with these five back links you will have gained the five RSS Subscriptions, and five new readers. You will have to help each other out because it will help keep your “competition” equal. Everybody will read eachothers posts, and comment on them. If people are commenting on your posts it will make your blog look more popular. This will then make more people want to be a part of the blog and eventually become a subscriber.

I’m considering it more of a checkpoint rather than a competition, but it could very well be a competition. There are five blogs created at around the same time period, that start at about the same point. You do all of the following above and you will all start to see some improvements in money earned and traffic. Get together once every two weeks and compare stats. See who is moving up higher and what they are doing. Talk to each other and find out what is and isn’t working. You don’t have to go against one another simply because you’re sharing a niche. If you are all able to achieve large amounts of traffic and a decent amount of money you will all succeed.

With this being said I am currently looking for a few people who would like to do this with me. Preferably bloggers that fit the following criteria.

  1. Less than 200 daily views
  2. Less than 30 RSS Subscribers
  3. In the make money blogging niche or making money online niche
  4. Active enough to be of help to everybody in the group to help one another to succeed

Simply leave a comment below and use an email address I can contact you at for more information.


Blogging Theories

This is just a little section I am using to start to discuss my personal theories that I believe to be true. They are in here because I am not sure of the effectiveness or I’m still testing it. These posts are by no means factual nor should they be taken seriously, but you may be interested in trying them as well.

With that being said you’re open to try some of my theories and discuss them. If you don’t agree with them I’d prefer proof over negative criticism. Like I said these are just a few of the things I’m looking at to discover their effectiveness. Posts may be moved from here if my data shows a blogging theory to be true.