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Make Backups

Yesterday when I tried to log in I realized that my hosting was down for a few hours. All my sites were down, and since this is the first time this has happened to me I was a bit worried. I’ve heard of people losing entire weeks of their posts for various reasons.

Hosts will automatically backup your sites every once in a while. If your host has an option where you can make backups upon request, I’d suggest doing it every few days to prevent any great loss. I know the cpanel I use lets me do this.

Don’t learn your lesson the hard way. Make backups of all your posts to prevent lost content.


Edit Spam or Cruel Comments

I really have no idea what effect comments have on a page. I’m just assuming that, other than showing your pages popularity to others, it also has to have some sort of effect on your keyword density for the page. That, in turn, partially effects your keyword rankings for that page.

I’m sure you’ve all had posts where people get angry with you for one thing or another. While you may not want to keep these posts, you really have to differentiate between comments that disagree and comments that flame. There are also a few things to keep in mind when editing comments.

WordPress blogs hosted at WordPress (I haven’t tried it on a self-hosted blog) make it so that you can edit comments. Not only can you edit the name, URL, and email, but you can also edit the comment itself. Now you can take out that second link people try to include in their comments, or you can edit out personal notes from friends that you don’t want others to see.

When editing a comment you should check for three things. First, the name. If you’ve seen the name around your blog before, you may just want to delete the comment. If you edit a repeat commenters comment, you might end up with a not so friendly response and lose a reader. After you’ve looked at the name, go to the URL. Change this to one of your other blogs. Free backlink for you. Third, if the email address appears fake, chances are the person doesn’t want to be known. You can edit these comments as well because chances are they won’t be back.

I have a rather good post on my best WordPress hosted blogs. It’s ranked first page for a very nice keyword. It’s regaurding the announcement of a highly anticipated product. The product has yet to be announced, and so on April 1st I put on an April fools post about the announcement. Well when they get to the end and read that it was an April fools joke they aren’t too happy. I get tons of comments. Some I leave just for laughs, but some are just to inappropriate so I edit them to include some keywords that I would like for that post.

Remember, there are comments that are okay to edit, and there are comments you should think twice about. Only edit if you are sure it won’t be checked up on for a response from you. If you have any doubt about it simply delete it to save you from any future troubles.


Page Rank Update Soon

If you want to get a few sites up simply for the fact of obtaining page rank, you should set those up with a few pieces of content and a few backlinks on some of your bigger blogs. There are many reasons in which a page rank can benefit your blog. There are two major reasons why you’ll want page rank.

The first is obvious, selling it. You can sell links on your blogs easier if you have high page rank. Your page rank is partially determined upon how many backlinks your website has. Backlinks count more if they are from a website that has a higher page rank. If you get a Page Rank of 5 or so you can easily sell links.

The second reason would be for Google itself. You will have better luck in obtaining higher rankings for keywords. This can help you achieve more traffic that you don’t have to pay for. Even if there isn’t a specific phrase you are going after it can help immensely if it’s even getting you several long term keyword phrases.

Consider setting up a few free blogger or wordpress blogs over the next few days. The update should be sometime late July or early August. Even if you don’t wish to make money off of it you can still use the sites as free backlinks to your major blogs. It will in turn help your main blog out.


Feedburner’s Unreliability

Feedburner’s reliability in my mind is questionable. There are several reasons I am suggesting either using two or more feed counters to get a more exact idea as to how many feed’s you actually have. I am not an expert in the area of feed’s, but it’s simple knowledge as to why I am doubting feedburner.

Through my first full month of this blogs going live I noticed several things. After my initial growth of friends online, I noticed something pretty strange. After hitting 25 in the middle of the month my count when down to between 12-18 subscribers. To be honest, this is rather embarrassing.

So I started noticing the daily rising and falling of this count. Some days it would drop three or four subscribers, and the next day it would gain a few more. I trust my Google Analytics stats to be 100% accurate. If this is the case, I doubt I had the chance of gaining several subscribers in a day, yet not one the next.

Another thing I noticed when observing my own trends was, who deletes feeds that quickly? I have some feeds that I’ve probably never clicked on sitting right next to the ones I visit everyday. If my content was worth the trouble for a user to subscribe, wouldn’t it be likely that they would give me a chance to bring them some content they enjoyed?

Don’t dwell too much on your feed count. It’s just a number. Instead focus more on your comments. Comments are worth money, but they should be enough to keep you going. If you have many people commenting your work you will be having more fun blogging. It may be better to only check your feed count every week so you don’t get discouraged by a drop, or start to relax too much by a huge increase.


No Post, There is a Reason

Ok, I’m sorry to say, I am back up north for the weekend. I just finished up my post for Friday when I saw this thread on a forum I frequent. The basic overview was this. The guy told me, I don’t deserve to win referral contests after I’ve won a few in a row. If I’m the top referrer, why should I be disqualified because I work hard at it?

These aren’t small prize contests. They range between first place getting $300 to $200, and the amounts slowly go down. So it’s not like it was some small amount of money that I could just look pastted off simple enough with me stating why I deserve to win them time and again. I talked about the time I spent learning all this stuff about computers and the internet. What did I get in return?

First an attempt at how useless the knowledge would be to colleges and future jobs. Let me tell you, it is a huge factor. Not a bad one, it could single handedly get you from the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile for a job opening. Second was an attack at me. They claimed that they were doing so much better with their life. Well I work when I want for more than the minimum wage he makes, and I work on my own schedule. How nice is that? Then finally just before the thread closed the kid had the nerve to ask me how old I was because he thought he put up a good argument. He was 15.

It’s kind of a thing you’d have to read to get what I’m talking about. The point of this post was to say, I have no new knowledge for you today, but I stood up for bloggers, webmasters, marketers, and SEO experts as a whole. This knowledge is useful to you whether you are retired, trying to get a job or promotion, or simply a high school student.

I’ll be back tomorrow night.


Sticking With It

To make it in the blogging world, the biggest and most important factor of blogging itself is sticking with it. You could be doing everything possible to get views to your blog, and then just before your blog was about to take off, you quit. Starting is the hardest part. It may be fun to some people, but starting your first blog is the hard one.

It’s your first blog, you came in not knowing really what to expect. You may have thought that you wouldn’t get a slow start. That you had so many contacts out there that would be subscribing to your blog and reading your content. Maybe even a few active commenters. Even when all these old friends don’t seem to support you as they may once have, you have to keepĀ  going.

Then just as you think you may have done a few things right and your subscriber count starts to go up you start to relax. You stop going all over advertising your site. A few days later, your subscriber count drops, drops hard. and you will realize what I’m starting to see. It’s not easy.

I am sticking with it because I know what is to come. I know of the fun a blog with an active fan base, earning a healthy income every month, and the notoriety that comes with being a top blogger. If you quit when you have 20, 30, or more posts, what are you going to say? You spent around $100 minimum and you quit.

Stick with it. Try new techniques. Search for new blogs out there with new information that may help you get what it is you are hoping to achieve with your blog. If you are slowly starting to receive traffic and a small stream of income then you shouldn’t have any problems continuing. Realize you won’t be the next John Chow, but you may just be one of the next big dogs.


Make Money Your Money Multiply

I’ve got three blogs, and only one of them is really pulling in a constant stream of money. There are hundreds of ways to make money on the internet. Why not take the money you earn from blogging, and put it into something to multiply your earnings?

You have the noob trying to take his earnings from his make money blog and make money by buying and selling domain names. There is Neil no doubt using his earnings towards future facebook affiliate marketing campaigns. Lastly, there is Caroline who I believe is putting some earnings towards her new StumbleRush program which is a guide to using StumbleUpon.

All three of these prominent bloggers have put some, if not a lot of their earnings towards making more money online. The biggest example would be the owner of Entrecard. He $5,000 from the money he got for selling his blog, and hired coders to design the site. They are now pulling in several hundred daily.

You don’t have to go out there and create the next Entrecard, but you can certainly put it towards something to help you make more money. If not a new website, maybe put it towards advertising the launch of a new blog. There are hundreds of options. I am pursuing one one these hundreds with the earnings from my blog. Good luck.


Serious About Blogging? Smart Phones

Are you serious about becoming a big time blogger? What are you doing while you ride as a passenger in an automobile? What are you doing while you wait for your barber to be ready? Yes, I’m going this far, what are you doing while you are on the toilit? You should be blogging.

Now, I’m not saying that I blog on the toilit, but if you like to take your time, what’s stopping you? Cell phones are becoming better and better. The capabilities of some of the newer versions are astonishing. I just recently picked up my new Palm Centro and couldn’t believe what I could do. Besides actually going on the internet, taking pretty high quality videos (unless there is a lot of movement), and of course the full keyboard and touch screen, it has Microsoft Word. What do that mean? All that time that you spend in your life just sitting, waiting, you could turn productive on your phone.

Imagine this, you watch an hour of television everyday, and you make hundreds of dollars a month simply from that. You typed up your daily posts while waiting between commercials. You will still have to do the advertising, sales, and other blog upkeep, but you’d be doing the writing while watching tv.

If you are serious about blogging, the next time your plan expires why not put in a little money. My Palm Centro cost me $100 after rebates and with a two year contract that I would have already paid for anyways. Now I can turn my down time into writing up posts for you guys. I’ve yet to publish anything from my phone, but I do have a few nice articles typed up on there. It may be a bit more geared towards younger bloggers as typing on these tiny keys could take a lot more time for those of you who have troubles even texting.



Comments are one of many factors in determining a blogs popularity. They have numerous benefits to both the commenter, and the author of the blog. By commenting on a blog, you can effect future posts that are more geared towards your needs.

There are several positive outcomes that can result from commenting on a blogs post. If you are in the same niche, you can try to add on to the bloggers knowledge by adding some information to what they have already discussed. Not only does this increase their knowledge, but helps put your own thoughts to words and show your knowledge to the blogger and anybody who reads the comments. If you comment on a blog you will also receive a backlink to your blog by filling in the URL. You will be noticed by the blogger, and he may even head over to your site. Lastly, in the event of future contests, you may even win simply because you are a long time reader.

Then there is the advantage for the blogger. Their blog appears popular because people are commenting on it. This can tell new visitors that the blog is a widely read blog, even if it isn’t it may give this impression. They will also encourage the blogger. Myself, and any other blogger out there included do not enjoy the feeling of publishing to nobody. We blog, at least partially, to share our knowledge and put our wisdom to words for your benefit. Comments can help us learn from you, they encourage us, and they make it more fun to blog.

To give a little extra incentive, anybody who reads this post can earn a free backlink to your blog. Simply post a comment. I will put you in an upcoming post to show my gratitude. Include the phrase ‘benefits of commenting’ in your comment that is at least two sentences long and you’ve got a backlink.


FireFox 3

That’s right, FireFox 3 just launched today. They are actually attempting to set a world record for most downloads in a day. If you are using FireFox already, why not upgrade today? I just thought I’d share this, as my Google analytics shows that a large majority of my members use FireFox. FireFox is the fastest internet browser out there. They are far more superior than Internet Explorer. To support this I will outline a few reasons why I made the switch.

About six months ago I was using Internet Explorer 7. I’m using a desktop computer that is connected wirelessly to a network. While I realized it would be a little slower than the networks computer, I never thought it would be that slow. So one day I realized, everybody keeps talking about this FireFox browser, why not check it out? I tried it, an hour later I uninstalled IE7 from my computer.

When making the switch to FireFox, they will bring over all of your favorites. That way you don’t lose them. There is a cool feature where you can save all your login information, and all you have to do is enter a masterpassword when you open the browser, and they will be filled in for you as you go to these sites. A spell check is built into the browser. Everytime you have an error in a word, it will underline it for you. There are also hundreds, of thousands, of applications you can add. Personally I’ve gone with SEOQuake which gives information like Google Page Rank, Google Index, Alexa Rating, the age of the site, and many other things, Quick Note which lets me quickly open a note pad and save little bits of information I need, and there are several others I use as well.

So if you haven’t made the switch, now is the time. You don’t lose your favorites when upgrading, or switching. It’s worth a try, and it will speed up your interenet browsing by a noticeable amount.