Is it just me or does everybody else notice how blogs at WordPress seem to get Page Rank rather easily? Being a member of StumbleUpon I have opted to search through WordPress sites only. Anything WordPress would be showed to me as a result of clicking Stumble.

As I was going through the sites it seemed as though almost every single WordPress blog has a page rank. I’m not talking about Page Rank of 1 or 2, but I saw the majority of them having 3’s, 4’s, and even 5’s. How can this be, most of them showed in my SEOQuake Fire Fox ad-on that there were very few, and in some cases no backlinks to these blogs however they had a Page Rank most bloggers would pay for.

Now there are the obvious benefits of obtaining a page rank, but we won’t go through that here. This post is simply to encourage you to sign up on WordPress, not Blogger. Why WordPress? I mean on WordPress you cannot advertise, how can this be advisable? In the future you plan to purchase your own domain right? Well having a Page Rank blog of your own that you can give unlimited backlinks to will be way more effective than the $50 or less you’ll make on Blogger with AdSense.

Just throw up a WordPress blog and a few posts. Then, come the next Page Rank update see what you’ve received. You may get lucky and hit something. I too shall consider taking part in this. Throwing up some diary blog and seeing how many posts it will take me to get a Page Rank one or greater at the next update.