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WordPress Sites Can Be Profitted Upon

Did you know that you can get around that common misconception of your free wordpress.com blogs being able to make you money? Well that’s right, there is a way. Now before I get all of you honest wordpress.com users up in my case, I’d like to point out this blog is for people who want to make money blogging. How you make it is irrelevant.

In the terms of service it says you can’t create a blog specifically for referral advertising. Interesting. You can’t create it for the purpose of advertising, but if along the way you decide you want to publish a post with a referral link you can get away with it.

Now, with that being said, don’t get carried away. I don’t want to be the cause of your beloved 3 year old blog getting banned. I have 160 posts on mine, about 5 have referral links. These 5 are also the ones getting traffic. While my traffic shows my site is about referring, my post count and topics show otherwise.


Starting a Free Blog: Blogger Stats

If you choose to use Blogger over WordPress, one of the biggests cons to your choice is the stats. You won’t get the instantly updating stats of WordPress. Like any blogger, you will want to see how many views you are getting, and what keywords you’ve hit it big on. Google once again, has the solution.

Google Analytics is the accepted ‘universal’ stats system. The ability to set up accounts for potential advertisers to look at the stats is a huge feature. It can be the difference in landing the advertiser, or them being suspicious of fake numbers and passing your blog up.

There are many features that Google Analytics has that the default WordPress stats system doesn’t have. Some of the bigger features I like about it are the different breakdowns they will show you. They will show you which countries are viewing your content, which pages are being viewed, where each and every visitor is coming from (the page they were on before yours), and of course, search engine terms. They also keep track of the uniques versus page views, as there is a difference. WordPress will just show how many pages were loaded. You never know if your visitors are viewing one page and leaving, or if not that many people are going to your blog, but the few that do look at a lot of pages.

So sign up for your free Google account. Right after you are done setting up that account, click on the ‘my account’ and set up your Google Analytics stats system. It is pretty self explanitory. After you’ve done that, you may also like to add my blog to your iGoogle RSS reader.


Starting a Free Blog: Choosing Your Domain

You’ve decided to start a free blog, over hosting your own. While I’m not supporting this decision at all, there are some instances when this is the only option for you. When choosing your free blogs domain name there are many things you need to keep in mind. It can help or hurt you in the long run depending upon the name you choose.

First you have to discover the point of your blog. Is it an extremely tight niche blog purely focusing every post on one word such as make money blog? If the majority of your posts are going to focus on one main term such as that, or you would like to receive traffic primarily from one group of people then it’s rather easy to pick a name. Your search engine results will be much better for the term ‘make money blog’ if your domain name was, makemoneyblog.com. That’s just the way it is with the search engines. Obviously, at this stage of the domain game, these domains cost an arm and a leg to get, if they even are for sale. Try to incorporate as many useful keywords into your domain as you can. I chose to use only the keyword ‘blog’ in mine. So step one, identify keywords you may want to use.

Second, the free domains domains available on your blogging platform, and actual domains available for self hosting are different. You may find one that is available on Blogger or WordPress, but you may not be able to ever register it by yourself because somebody else has snatched the domain for self hosting. You want to have the option to be able to move it to your own domain, yet retaining your sites original name. So after you find one you like, check godaddy.com to see if it is available. This will prevent you from having somebody pick it up and launch of your hard earned success. Kind of like johnchow and johncow.

After you’ve found your keywords, and incorporated them into your domain name that is available both on your free blogging platform and godaddy you are ready to create your free blog. There are many things that you will need to do to start being able to take advantage of your keywords in your domain name, but you are off to a great start.


Starting A Free Blog: Introduction

There are many different reasons why one would start a free blog. There are also many different places you can set up your free blog, each with it’s own benefits and downfalls. Over the next few days I will help you pick out the blog service that will be right for you, as well as help you get started on your way to making money with them.

The two major blogging platforms are Google’s Blogger and WordPress. Each service will allow you a few different services that will cater to different bloggers, and different blogs in general. The follow guides will be based on completely my opinion. Having used both extensively for free blogs, you can trust that I know what you are looking for.

WordPress has been around for about five years now. It was developed by a team of coders, and now owned by it’s creator. It has not been sold to any large industry like Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft. It has more freedom because it’s creation was purely for bloggers, versus the various Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft blogging services who were only looking for financial gains. With this comes many features that can help you create an award winning blog.

There are several features I like about this blog. The autopost has got to be the biggest. I can schedule a post to automatically be posted at whatever time, day, month, and year of my choosing. That way I don’t have to worry about upsetting my audience while out of town. I can simply write some posts ahead of time and enjoy my vacation. The provided themes seem to be of a lot better quality than those of Blogger. They have a stats system implemented into your blog so you can discover how many people view your blog each day, what posts get the most views, what the most popular search engine terms used to find your blog are, what links they clicked on your blog, and much much more.

Then there would be the top dog Google’s blogging service called Blogger. Blogger contains a few things that you may like especially for a free blogging service. You can find certain themes online that are made with CSS to update your blog. They allow you to change the layout without paying monthly fees. Their widget system is a lot better. Not only do they have more, and better widgets, but customizing them into the layout is much easier as you can get a visual while doing it. The last big point is you can sell advertisements on your blog. They are Google Adsense capable, and also will allow things like Entrecard, Yahoo Ad’s, Project Wonderful ads, and any other ad service you can find out there. You could also sell 125×125 ads on the side.

So which should you choose? It all comes down to the purpose for your blog. There are many things to consider. Both blogging services are great, however I personally have a favorite. Once again, the below suggestions are simply my opinion.

WordPress Users:

  1. Interested in auto-posting
  2. Dislike Google Analytics updating stats daily, WordPress does every new visit
  3. Wish to move their blog to their own domain eventually (you would want to use WordPress for your own domain instead of Blogger for many reasons)
  4. You have no interest in putting up ads
  5. You don’t wish to spam your readers with ads in order to get a reader base
  6. Your only way of monetizing is with affiliate links in your posts and you could also secretly sell links in the blogroll

Blogger Users:

  1. Want their free blog to be able to make a lot of money (not a sure thing, you need to put effort in to get money out)
  2. Interested in ad services like Entrecard both for traffic and advertising
  3. Have no plans of moving to their own domain in the future
  4. Willing to use Google Analytics

So there you have it. The big differences between the blogging services, as well as which free blogging service you should use when starting your blog. I hope this has helped you, if you have any questions about which you should use feel free to ask in a comment.