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Back to the Basics: Choosing Your Niche

Several months ago I was reading all about the make money blog niche and decided it would be something fun to enter, and probably the easiest niche to monetize. Three months in, I have realized it is probably not the niche I should have chosen. In fact, the free blog I set up on WordPress about gaming is the only blog I’ve monetized yet. Granted I am nearing the $2,000 mark from almost 6 months of blogging, I am still enjoying the niche.

While the biggest mistake I made was not getting it’s own domain soon enough, I still enjoy it. Had I moved that blog to it’s own domain, I would have been able to monetize it very well. I am getting 1,200 views a day on that blog! Almost all of it coming from Google too. If I were to have Google AdSense up on a domain getting that traffic I could have made another couple hundred. If I sold private ads, another couple thousand.

What I’m getting at is picking your niche is very important. If it weren’t for me trying to prove the Noob that I can succeed in this niche, I would have dropped it a long time ago. Pick a niche you enjoy writing in. There are so many ways to monetize any niche, it’s just a matter of finding out how. Make it easier on yourself and start off from the get go with a niche you enjoy writing in.


Summer Niches

It’s getting close to that time of year, summer break. Schools across the United States, and England are getting finished up with school for the summer. These are two of the biggest countries we get traffic from. What does this mean for those of us out there who are starting niche blogs?

There will be a large number of internet users from the ages of about 8-24 who will be getting increased time allowance on computers due to an extra eight or so hours a day being added to their schedule. You could start to earn some pretty big checks if you learn how to take advantage of this three month period. If you do it successfully enough, by the time fall comes around you will have a large enough audience that you may be able to keep a pretty strong level of income streaming in even after they’ve started school again due to your search engine ranks.

By summer niches, I mean niches that will take advantage of the above information. What sort of things are kids searching for on the internet? I have several ideas of blogs I’m thinking of starting up. It shouldn’t be too hard to think of your niche. You will have to decide how you want to go about monetizing it, and if there is enough content to minimally get you through the three months of summer (90 posts).

A drawback to teenagers and younger kids is the fact that 17 and under aren’t supposed to have paypal, they don’t generally have debit or credit cards, and even if they did, they are closely monitored by their parents. That leaves many affiliate marketing system to be rather hard to work. Even if they saw a link on your blog, by the time their parents did order it you’ll probably have lost your affiliate cookie on their computer.

There are ways to monetize these blogs though. There are the usual 125×125 ads, and blogroll links. These are easy enough to sell, and the fact that your audience probably has no interest or capability of financially rewarding the sites doesn’t affect your income. Another option, similar to those two would be selling paid plugs. These paid reviews do have a better profitability option for the customer, and are an easy way to monetize your blog. Lastly, believe it or not, I’m actually saying that AdSense and all the other pay per click advertising may also have some success. Remember, your audience is young and more likely to click an ad than an adult. Also, the viewer doesn’t have to pay for you to get paid. Since they can’t do much purchasing of their own, this is one way to get clicks to convert to money.

Starting a blog in this niche would have been smart to have prepared weeks ago. It’s not too late though. Get started on your blog that will take advantage of the added browsing time of the younger internet views. It will be very profitable if you set it up correctly. Good luck.


John Chow $32,500

Anybody else read the latest monthly earnings report from johnchow.com? He made $32,529.40 in April alone! That is just incredible. If he makes 30k a month every month for a year, he’s making more than just about every average profession out there! $360,000 a year, not bad at all.

How does he do it? Well the majority of his income comes from private sales, 16k of it did. 26k comes from private ad sales and affiliate offers. He doesn’t even do 100% of his posting anymore. He gets guest posters who are more than happy to post on a blog with almost 26,000 RSS subscribers. This is where the estimated “price per subscriber” must have been established. You can see that he makes about $1.10 per subscriber.

Anyways he is the leading blogger in the make money blogging niche. You will hear a lot about him. In fact, numerous blogs are copycats of him. Blogs like johncow.com, and then of course the smaller blogs that pretty much reword his posts everyday.

His earning report can be found here.