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Reason For Inactivity

So for the last week or so I haven’t even had a post to put up. There are two reasons for this, and they are both pretty valid reasons. I don’t like to leave the blog unposted on as usually I notice a dip in subscribers. Oddly, the count has gone up over the time I’ve spent not posting.

The first reason was I was having some hosting problems. I accidently had some files deleted for one of my other sites, and when I restored them it wasn’t working right. I had my host restore everything back to the way it had been several days before so it would have taken away any new posts I’d have posted since.

The second reason is I didn’t want to risk logging in here. An email and affiliate account of mine were hacked. I lost $250, but I got the accounts back. I was fairly convinced that I’d been keylogged so I didn’t want to log into anything important, which means my blog. I’ve determined it was luck, but who knows. Hopefully my accounts are still mine this time next week though.

I’ll be sure to start posting strong again. Maybe to make a little twist on things I will start talking about how I make money online, as blogging isn’t exactly doing it right now, and I have several projects in the works. Thanks for sticking with me through those days of inactivity.


Take a Break

If you’re tired of blogging, researching, reading other blogs, and everything else you do on the computer, why not take a break? Believe it or not, there are games out there in which you can make money. It’s not going to be huge amounts unless you get very skilled or lucky, but it could cover the cost of a few domains.

I found this site a while ago. It’s called Moola and the point of the site is to take the free penny you can get at any time, and double it. Doubling a penny 27 times earns you a million dollars. Obviously, you’ll settle for a payment before you got that high. Double it 10 times and you’ve made $10.00, and double it 15 times and you’ve made $300.00.

What you do is you take the penny, and select a game you wish to play. You will then view an ad in which you must answer a basic question about it (this is how they fund your penny). You will then be matched up with an opponent and you can play it out.

There are two games I prefer. The best would be high low. You get a card, you guess higher or lower. If you are correct you will move on, if not you will be reset. It’s pretty easy to learn, and fun to play. The other would be a game of skill and a little luck. It’s a mining game where you each start with 6 gold nuggets labled 1-6 as their weight. You and your opponent each put one nugget on the scale at the same time. The person using the heavier nugget wins the combined weight in points. The person who has the most points wins, and doubles up.

So if you are looking to take a break, and earn a free domain name, or a free hosting plan this would be the way to go. You can have some fun, and still make a little money by doing it. Enjoy.