That is one of the biggest questions for bloggers on their blogs when they are just getting started. Do you add your own content to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit to receive some instant, artificial traffic, or do you avoid submitting your own work for various reasons? There is reasoning to either side of the story.

There are quite a few negatives. The first being, your accounts on these sites may get tagged for spamming, as well as get your blog automatically banned from being submitted on these sites. You content appears better to those very strict Stumblers who carefully examine posts, submitters, and votes given to determine if you are abusing the site. A possible outcome for abusing this is the permanent banning from the site.

Your content also will do better. If you aren’t the one submitting it, that means somebody with pure intentions liked it enough to submit it. It’s obviously of some quality. It’s more likely to be popular and you haven’t even given your +1 vote to it yet. It’s of great benefit to let others submit articles.

Then there are the positives you can get out of submitting your own, select, content. Obviously, if your site needs RSS Subscribers if you submit your own content, you will have free, somewhat targeted traffic coming to your site (depending upon social bookmarking site). Having 300+ visitors to your site increases the chances of having somebody subscribe to your RSS feed. While it is a long shot, using the right tags, over time you may manage to snag a few. I’ve signed up for virtually all 20-30 blogs in my RSS feed through StumbleUpon or Google searches.

Adding content to certain sites, also puts your link in the users feed giving you a backlink. I’ve found backlinks from before. It’s not much, but it’s a free, easy backlink even if it is of next to no significance to Google. I’m not even sure if these are permanent or if they leave their front page they disappear. It’s just something I noticed a while ago.

Last but not least, there is the traffic factor. To some, it may just be the needed encouragement. Nobody wants to blog to a blank audience. If there is nobody to read your content then you may get discouraged. Adding content to these social bookmarking sites gets you some traffic, and maybe some feedback whether it be positive or negative. It can help show you what you are doing well and should continue to do, and what you may want to change. The users of the bookmarking sites can get very constructive so make sure you are willing to receive this kind of criticism.

To bookmark, or not, that’s for you to decide.