Comments are one of many factors in determining a blogs popularity. They have numerous benefits to both the commenter, and the author of the blog. By commenting on a blog, you can effect future posts that are more geared towards your needs.

There are several positive outcomes that can result from commenting on a blogs post. If you are in the same niche, you can try to add on to the bloggers knowledge by adding some information to what they have already discussed. Not only does this increase their knowledge, but helps put your own thoughts to words and show your knowledge to the blogger and anybody who reads the comments. If you comment on a blog you will also receive a backlink to your blog by filling in the URL. You will be noticed by the blogger, and he may even head over to your site. Lastly, in the event of future contests, you may even win simply because you are a long time reader.

Then there is the advantage for the blogger. Their blog appears popular because people are commenting on it. This can tell new visitors that the blog is a widely read blog, even if it isn’t it may give this impression. They will also encourage the blogger. Myself, and any other blogger out there included do not enjoy the feeling of publishing to nobody. We blog, at least partially, to share our knowledge and put our wisdom to words for your benefit. Comments can help us learn from you, they encourage us, and they make it more fun to blog.

To give a little extra incentive, anybody who reads this post can earn a free backlink to your blog. Simply post a comment. I will put you in an upcoming post to show my gratitude. Include the phrase ‘benefits of commenting’ in your comment that is at least two sentences long and you’ve got a backlink.

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