Feedburner’s reliability in my mind is questionable. There are several reasons I am suggesting either using two or more feed counters to get a more exact idea as to how many feed’s you actually have. I am not an expert in the area of feed’s, but it’s simple knowledge as to why I am doubting feedburner.

Through my first full month of this blogs going live I noticed several things. After my initial growth of friends online, I noticed something pretty strange. After hitting 25 in the middle of the month my count when down to between 12-18 subscribers. To be honest, this is rather embarrassing.

So I started noticing the daily rising and falling of this count. Some days it would drop three or four subscribers, and the next day it would gain a few more. I trust my Google Analytics stats to be 100% accurate. If this is the case, I doubt I had the chance of gaining several subscribers in a day, yet not one the next.

Another thing I noticed when observing my own trends was, who deletes feeds that quickly? I have some feeds that I’ve probably never clicked on sitting right next to the ones I visit everyday. If my content was worth the trouble for a user to subscribe, wouldn’t it be likely that they would give me a chance to bring them some content they enjoyed?

Don’t dwell too much on your feed count. It’s just a number. Instead focus more on your comments. Comments are worth money, but they should be enough to keep you going. If you have many people commenting your work you will be having more fun blogging. It may be better to only check your feed count every week so you don’t get discouraged by a drop, or start to relax too much by a huge increase.

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