The blog theme is one of the most important aspects of your site. If your site is unattractive, readers will leave simply because they cannot stand the look, or they will read the article they came for and leave. There are hundreds of thousands of free themes out there, but is it worth it to purchase one from a coder who knows what they are doing and can customize it to your liking?

There are obviously quite a few benefits to purchasing your own theme. The first being you will be the only blog out there with that exact layout. You will be able to customize everything about it down to the smallest placement. You can optimize certain parts of your site, make your banner ads seemingly invisible to your readers, yet still have them there to sell them, and many other possibilities. Buying a theme will make your blog way more unique than the average blog, and in fact it can be the determining factor in whether or not your blog will succeed. Why not dish out less than $500 to get a professionally designed theme?

As always, there’s a flip side to the coin. Sometimes it is not advisable to purchase a theme specifically for your blog. If you don’t think you can earn the money back easily, don’t buy one. There are so many free themes out there that you could easily pick one close to your needs if you spent enough time looking for it. Running a small niche blog that you only hope to pick up loose change with adsense, or other advertising programs, will not need a specialized layout. You can simply use a free theme, and you’re on your way.

I do believe in purchasing your own theme to make your site flawless. I wrote this post before I even purchased my domain name, and when it came time to pick out a theme, I went with a free one. The reason is that I really don’t have the funds to get a quality theme coded at the current time. If I were to get one coded, it wouldn’t have all the cool features I wanted. So I decided that I will use this free one until I earn the money for a layout on this blog.

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