As you know, my blog isn’t very old. I don’t have a high subscriber count either. It’s all part of the blogging game. Getting subscribers is no easy task. In fact, for new blogs, it is very common to see blogs staying under 20 subscribers for the longest time. In this post I will outline a few things you could do with your new blog, to try to boost your subscriber count a little bit.

Are you a member of a writing group such as Triond, Hubpages, or Gather? Chances are, over time you have established yourself in the community. You have made some friends who are interested in your work, and would actually enjoy your blog. If you let them know that you have started a blog, who knows, maybe they will come subscribe to it. I’m not saying go into the community and spam members you’ve never talked to before. I’m talking about the members you send messages to, comment on each others work, and basically like each other. They will do doubt check your blog out, and they may even subscribe.

Have you used bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, or Reddit? Some of these, more Digg and StumbleUpon have some pretty advanced social aspects to their sites that let you get to know other members a little bit better. Things that let you communicate with one another and get to know each other. This is another group of people you should give you link to. They are probably interested in what you submit, so why wouldn’t they be interested in your blog? A double bonus here is that they actively use social bookmarking sites and may end up submitting some of your posts to these sites. If you don’t have any friends on these sites, try searching for articles posted where you would post your articles. These posts will be of similar content and you can get to know these people. After you have become friends, they will join your feed because it’s the kind of content they like to read.

Are you active on any sort of forum out there? Depending upon the forums main theme you may be able to get some members from there to at least look at your blog. Who knows if they will sign up. If there is no rule against it, give yourself some niche anchoring text to link to your blog in your signature. It will give you some nice backlinks, and of course some traffic. If your view count is high enough, and it’s a tight enough community where you know the admin and they will allow you to post a thread about it, go ahead and do that. Explain to them why they would want to subscribe to your feed while they are there.

That’s what I have so far. It’s not going to get you hundreds, because as many bloggers put it ‘content is king’. You need to have good content to get people to sign up for your feed. These are just a few ways I’ve found that a new blogger can use to convert previous online ventures into readers on your new blog. I’m always open to other ideas that work, and will write some new articles as I discover new working ways.

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