I’ve got three blogs, and only one of them is really pulling in a constant stream of money. There are hundreds of ways to make money on the internet. Why not take the money you earn from blogging, and put it into something to multiply your earnings?

You have the noob trying to take his earnings from his make money blog and make money by buying and selling domain names. There is Neil no doubt using his earnings towards future facebook affiliate marketing campaigns. Lastly, there is Caroline who I believe is putting some earnings towards her new StumbleRush program which is a guide to using StumbleUpon.

All three of these prominent bloggers have put some, if not a lot of their earnings towards making more money online. The biggest example would be the owner of Entrecard. He $5,000 from the money he got for selling his blog, and hired coders to design the site. They are now pulling in several hundred daily.

You don’t have to go out there and create the next Entrecard, but you can certainly put it towards something to help you make more money. If not a new website, maybe put it towards advertising the launch of a new blog. There are hundreds of options. I am pursuing one one these hundreds with the earnings from my blog. Good luck.

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