I would like to make my first dollar with the blog while I’m gone. How great of a boost would that be to come back with an advertiser waiting to pay to advertise on my blog? I guess technically, I’ve earned $150 via the video camera I won in the Noob’s contest for the post about his contest on my blog, but that’s a prize.

What I will sell for my first dollar. I will sell you a 125×125 ad on my blog. I will sell up to six of these. I will sell up to five blogroll links. I will even go as far as lowering the price of a paid plug. $10 gets you a post about almost anything on this blog. These prices are a once in a lifetime chance on this blog. Only a dollar for a 125×125 ad or link, and only $10 for a paid plug.

These deals will only be available until I return from vacation. The first six comments saying they will buy a 125×125 will get the spots, the first five blogroll comments will get those spots, and I will take as many paid plugs as are wanted. Obviously, they will be published in order over a certain length of time.

So why not? I’m getting some decent traffic on this blog, and I’m going to strive to make it better. This could be your chance to get some exposure for very little money.

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