People in the same niche as you generally are not going to be interested in helping their competition. This theory is trying to make similar niche cooperation seem like a good idea, as well as discuss why it could be a good idea.

You’ve recently started a blog, you’re new to the niche, and you can’t do much about it. There are many things you will need to do to get a foothold in your niche. You need quality links to your site, RSS Subscribers, readers, commenter’s, and advertisers. This may seem overwhelming, but with a little cooperation it should be easy to achieve a few of these.

How are you supposed to compete with the leaders of the niche? The bloggers with thousands of readers and many years head start? Initially you can’t, and it’s unfair to yourself to judge yourself based upon the success of the bigger blogs. Find a few other new bloggers in your niche through Entrecard ad’s, StumbleUpon, or just plain old browsing Google.

A large part of your Google Page Ranking and your search engine rankings have to do with back links to your site. While there are hundreds of thousands of places you can put your link, a site of the same niche can help more than five links from completely opposite ideas. If I were to put links for this blog on or it wouldn’t be as effective as a link from a making money blog like If you have five friends you’ll place a “dofollow” link to all of their sites on every page of your blog, and they will do the same. Allow them to choose any keyword they would like as their anchoring text. You have successfully built yourself five quality back links that will appear globally across their blog.

Along with these five back links you will have gained the five RSS Subscriptions, and five new readers. You will have to help each other out because it will help keep your “competition” equal. Everybody will read eachothers posts, and comment on them. If people are commenting on your posts it will make your blog look more popular. This will then make more people want to be a part of the blog and eventually become a subscriber.

I’m considering it more of a checkpoint rather than a competition, but it could very well be a competition. There are five blogs created at around the same time period, that start at about the same point. You do all of the following above and you will all start to see some improvements in money earned and traffic. Get together once every two weeks and compare stats. See who is moving up higher and what they are doing. Talk to each other and find out what is and isn’t working. You don’t have to go against one another simply because you’re sharing a niche. If you are all able to achieve large amounts of traffic and a decent amount of money you will all succeed.

With this being said I am currently looking for a few people who would like to do this with me. Preferably bloggers that fit the following criteria.

  1. Less than 200 daily views
  2. Less than 30 RSS Subscribers
  3. In the make money blogging niche or making money online niche
  4. Active enough to be of help to everybody in the group to help one another to succeed

Simply leave a comment below and use an email address I can contact you at for more information.

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