Ok, I’m sorry to say, I am back up north for the weekend. I just finished up my post for Friday when I saw this thread on a forum I frequent. The basic overview was this. The guy told me, I don’t deserve to win referral contests after I’ve won a few in a row. If I’m the top referrer, why should I be disqualified because I work hard at it?

These aren’t small prize contests. They range between first place getting $300 to $200, and the amounts slowly go down. So it’s not like it was some small amount of money that I could just look pastted off simple enough with me stating why I deserve to win them time and again. I talked about the time I spent learning all this stuff about computers and the internet. What did I get in return?

First an attempt at how useless the knowledge would be to colleges and future jobs. Let me tell you, it is a huge factor. Not a bad one, it could single handedly get you from the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile for a job opening. Second was an attack at me. They claimed that they were doing so much better with their life. Well I work when I want for more than the minimum wage he makes, and I work on my own schedule. How nice is that? Then finally just before the thread closed the kid had the nerve to ask me how old I was because he thought he put up a good argument. He was 15.

It’s kind of a thing you’d have to read to get what I’m talking about. The point of this post was to say, I have no new knowledge for you today, but I stood up for bloggers, webmasters, marketers, and SEO experts as a whole. This knowledge is useful to you whether you are retired, trying to get a job or promotion, or simply a high school student.

I’ll be back tomorrow night.

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