If you want to get a few sites up simply for the fact of obtaining page rank, you should set those up with a few pieces of content and a few backlinks on some of your bigger blogs. There are many reasons in which a page rank can benefit your blog. There are two major reasons why you’ll want page rank.

The first is obvious, selling it. You can sell links on your blogs easier if you have high page rank. Your page rank is partially determined upon how many backlinks your website has. Backlinks count more if they are from a website that has a higher page rank. If you get a Page Rank of 5 or so you can easily sell links.

The second reason would be for Google itself. You will have better luck in obtaining higher rankings for keywords. This can help you achieve more traffic that you don’t have to pay for. Even if there isn’t a specific phrase you are going after it can help immensely if it’s even getting you several long term keyword phrases.

Consider setting up a few free blogger or wordpress blogs over the next few days. The update should be sometime late July or early August. Even if you don’t wish to make money off of it you can still use the sites as free backlinks to your major blogs. It will in turn help your main blog out.

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