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Page Rank Update Soon

If you want to get a few sites up simply for the fact of obtaining page rank, you should set those up with a few pieces of content and a few backlinks on some of your bigger blogs. There are many reasons in which a page rank can benefit your blog. There are two major reasons why you’ll want page rank.

The first is obvious, selling it. You can sell links on your blogs easier if you have high page rank. Your page rank is partially determined upon how many backlinks your website has. Backlinks count more if they are from a website that has a higher page rank. If you get a Page Rank of 5 or so you can easily sell links.

The second reason would be for Google itself. You will have better luck in obtaining higher rankings for keywords. This can help you achieve more traffic that you don’t have to pay for. Even if there isn’t a specific phrase you are going after it can help immensely if it’s even getting you several long term keyword phrases.

Consider setting up a few free blogger or wordpress blogs over the next few days. The update should be sometime late July or early August. Even if you don’t wish to make money off of it you can still use the sites as free backlinks to your major blogs. It will in turn help your main blog out.


Feedburner’s Unreliability

Feedburner’s reliability in my mind is questionable. There are several reasons I am suggesting either using two or more feed counters to get a more exact idea as to how many feed’s you actually have. I am not an expert in the area of feed’s, but it’s simple knowledge as to why I am doubting feedburner.

Through my first full month of this blogs going live I noticed several things. After my initial growth of friends online, I noticed something pretty strange. After hitting 25 in the middle of the month my count when down to between 12-18 subscribers. To be honest, this is rather embarrassing.

So I started noticing the daily rising and falling of this count. Some days it would drop three or four subscribers, and the next day it would gain a few more. I trust my Google Analytics stats to be 100% accurate. If this is the case, I doubt I had the chance of gaining several subscribers in a day, yet not one the next.

Another thing I noticed when observing my own trends was, who deletes feeds that quickly? I have some feeds that I’ve probably never clicked on sitting right next to the ones I visit everyday. If my content was worth the trouble for a user to subscribe, wouldn’t it be likely that they would give me a chance to bring them some content they enjoyed?

Don’t dwell too much on your feed count. It’s just a number. Instead focus more on your comments. Comments are worth money, but they should be enough to keep you going. If you have many people commenting your work you will be having more fun blogging. It may be better to only check your feed count every week so you don’t get discouraged by a drop, or start to relax too much by a huge increase.


Enter Every Contest

Enter every blogging contest out there that is free and easy to enter. I’m not so much talking about give away contests, rather blogging competitions. Even a beginner such as myself, who has no chance of winning some of these competitions, has something to gain out of these. They are all around great for everybody involved. The blogger running it gets attention, and the contestants get some views here and there.

I recently entered myself in a blogging contest called, Blogger Idol. It’s run off sponsorships I believe. Anyways, here are some of the perks I get out of it. I am supposed to give him a weekly update on what I’m doing to get subscribers. This gives me about 200 words to talk to his readers. Then there is the backlink I receive for free in these posts. Four free backlinks from a blog with a Page Rank of 7 is a rather valuable link. I also arouse the interest of some of the others in the contest. If by some miracle I hit top 10 I might see some sort of traffic stream coming to my blog due to the apparent knowledge I have in the area of RSS subscribers.

There are many perks to entering contests. The very least would be the backlinks you’ll receive out of it. I’ve seen a couple users from the contest visit my blog and wish me luck. Who knows, maybe they even subscribed and got a free backlink in my blogroll for commenting here (hint hint). So what if I lose? I didn’t pay to enter, and it doesn’t take much effort. In fact, I don’t even have to participate in the contest if I don’t want to. I still receive some benefits from it.

Next time one of the blogs in your feed mentions the word ‘contest’, be sure to check it out.


Take a Break

If you’re tired of blogging, researching, reading other blogs, and everything else you do on the computer, why not take a break? Believe it or not, there are games out there in which you can make money. It’s not going to be huge amounts unless you get very skilled or lucky, but it could cover the cost of a few domains.

I found this site a while ago. It’s called Moola and the point of the site is to take the free penny you can get at any time, and double it. Doubling a penny 27 times earns you a million dollars. Obviously, you’ll settle for a payment before you got that high. Double it 10 times and you’ve made $10.00, and double it 15 times and you’ve made $300.00.

What you do is you take the penny, and select a game you wish to play. You will then view an ad in which you must answer a basic question about it (this is how they fund your penny). You will then be matched up with an opponent and you can play it out.

There are two games I prefer. The best would be high low. You get a card, you guess higher or lower. If you are correct you will move on, if not you will be reset. It’s pretty easy to learn, and fun to play. The other would be a game of skill and a little luck. It’s a mining game where you each start with 6 gold nuggets labled 1-6 as their weight. You and your opponent each put one nugget on the scale at the same time. The person using the heavier nugget wins the combined weight in points. The person who has the most points wins, and doubles up.

So if you are looking to take a break, and earn a free domain name, or a free hosting plan this would be the way to go. You can have some fun, and still make a little money by doing it. Enjoy.


Free Facebook Advertising

If you’ve ever wanted to give affiliate marketing a try, or just want some free advertising for your blog then you’re in luck. Facebook has been giving out free advertising coupons for anybody to use. Thanks Neil, for pointing these out to me a few days ago.

The first $50 Coupon Code: T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH

The second $50 Coupon Code: 2JXY-WTFK-72Y0-VJ6Y

The third $50 Coupon Code R1X5-0NH7-5FXW-5YEC

For the final $100 code you must sign up for the Visa Small Business application here.

Just add the application, and check your email. The application will prompt you to fill in a bunch of information about a business. You are not required to do this. You can delete the application as soon as you get your code.

To credit your account with these codes go to your Facebook advertising page. Click ‘ads manager’, ‘billing’, ‘funding sources’, and then ‘enter coupon code’. The coupon will then show up on your account. They will also show their expiration date.


No Post, There is a Reason

Ok, I’m sorry to say, I am back up north for the weekend. I just finished up my post for Friday when I saw this thread on a forum I frequent. The basic overview was this. The guy told me, I don’t deserve to win referral contests after I’ve won a few in a row. If I’m the top referrer, why should I be disqualified because I work hard at it?

These aren’t small prize contests. They range between first place getting $300 to $200, and the amounts slowly go down. So it’s not like it was some small amount of money that I could just look pastted off simple enough with me stating why I deserve to win them time and again. I talked about the time I spent learning all this stuff about computers and the internet. What did I get in return?

First an attempt at how useless the knowledge would be to colleges and future jobs. Let me tell you, it is a huge factor. Not a bad one, it could single handedly get you from the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile for a job opening. Second was an attack at me. They claimed that they were doing so much better with their life. Well I work when I want for more than the minimum wage he makes, and I work on my own schedule. How nice is that? Then finally just before the thread closed the kid had the nerve to ask me how old I was because he thought he put up a good argument. He was 15.

It’s kind of a thing you’d have to read to get what I’m talking about. The point of this post was to say, I have no new knowledge for you today, but I stood up for bloggers, webmasters, marketers, and SEO experts as a whole. This knowledge is useful to you whether you are retired, trying to get a job or promotion, or simply a high school student.

I’ll be back tomorrow night.


Learning to Use StumbleUpon: The Noobs Guide

When introducing a few friends to StumbleUpon recently, I realized something. I was just as confused with the interface of the site as each and every one of my friends is. It’s hard to learn how to use the different functions, and I didn’t know where to start. Obviously, if you’ve been using this for over a week, you probably won’t find this much help. If you are just beginning, you will welcome this help.

First things first, you now have the tool bar downloaded, and your account started. Head on over to your preferences and select ‘my interests’. From here you will see a bunch of categories that cover just about anything you can think of. Put a check mark in the subjects you would be interested in reading about.

Now that you’ve got your interests set up you can learn how the site actually works. Open a new tab, because you wouldn’t want to leave my blog, and click the ‘Stumble!’ button on your tool bar. This will automatically forward you to a site. The page will almost always be something direcetly related to one of your interests you selected. So if you selected sports, adult humor, and video games as your only interests, you will always receive pages submitted under one of those three interests. You can find interesting content in these interests very easily.

You know how the people who use this get views. Now that you know where the views come from, it will make more sense. Obviously, if you signed up for this because of my blog you are looking to use it for traffic. To keep things right, I do not approve of nor suggest spamming StumbleUpon. I am all for adding quality content, so if you believe your content is quality, it’s fine to submit.

How does it work? Like all bookmarking sites, the content that is more widely enjoyed by the community is shared with more users. There are two ways in which you can affect an article. Positively, by giving it a thumbs up, or negatively by giving it a thumbs down. You could also not rate it if you prefer. The more thumbs ups your content receives, the better quality it tells the StumbleUpon site which in return sends it to more users. Then if you’d like to take it a step further you could also write a review, good or bad. To test this out, why not go to my home page. Give it a thumbs up, and write a good review ;-)

Ok, so you know how to rate sites, good or bad. The last major idea would of course be submitting your content. This is rather easy actually. Simply go to your post you’d like to submit. Give it a thumbs up. If nobody has yet to submit the site, a pop up will show up. Simply fill in the information and click submit. You should start to receive traffic shortly. The more people who give it a good rating, the more traffic it will bring. Different categories have different success levels. Try submitting blog content into several relevant categories as you go to see which is the best for your blog.

Any questions feel free to comment as I can edit the guide to answer questions other beginners may be asking that I missed.


My First Contest

Ok, I’ve got some 125×125’s that obviously aren’t going to be selling themselves anytime soon. Why not give those away? I also wouldn’t mind putting up a sponsored post or two depending upon number of entries. Last but not least, I’ll throw in a few blogroll links.

Bloggernoob has concluded that your contests will receive much more interest if you require very little of the visitors to enter the contest. I like that idea, and will go with that for my first contest. So here is what is up for grabs.

First Prize: 1 Sponsored post, 1 125×125 ad, and 1 blogroll link

Second Prize: 1 125×125 ad and 1 blogroll link

Third Place: 1 blogroll link and a backlink in an upcoming post, pointing a key idea to one of your posts

Forth Place: 1 blogroll link

What do you have to do to get in on this? All you have to do is leave me a comment. A simple comment will get you an entry into this contest. I will randomely pick the winners on July 11th. You then simply have to respond in that post to claim your prize. It’s that simple. Comment here, add me to your RSS feed, and wait to win. I have very few subscribers so it’s a great chance that you will win something by entering.

I am also accepting sponsored prizes for future contests. If you are interested in sponsoring a future contest with prizes, gift cards, ad space, or anything else feel free to comment me with a way to contact you. There would be exposure to your site guaranteed if you sponsored a contest.


Winning Contests

The picture isn’t working at the current time. Click here to view it.

I just got home late tonight and realized, I scheduled half my posts wrong. Instead of clicking publish I clicked save. So even though I had them written and edited to publish on a certain date, they didn’t publish. I got a few of them up while I was gone which was good.

Another surprise came up while I was gone. I received my package in the mail from Bloggernoob.com. It was a package worth around $200 from Market Leverage who sponsored the contest. I thought I’d take a chance to share the picture for several reasons.

Like I said in the post where I talked about entering this contest, the blogger is almost always the winner. I mean, including this post, this is the second backlink he will get from my site. They are free. He didn’t have to pay for the backlinks, he didn’t have to pay to get traffic to his contests, and he got a few free posts to go with it.

Another reason was simply for the reason of thanking the Noob. There is no way you can become successful with your first self hosted blog without a bit of guidence. He’s given that and more. If my posts are not helping you, his probably will.

Anyways, as you notice I did receive a video camera that just plugs into my computers USB slot. This will make it very easy for me to upload videos so I will highly be considering popping up a few podcasts or videos or something of the sort. There are fewer blogs in the niche that provide this technique of learning that is should most definitely give me a small boost in the long run.


John Chow Noticed Me?

Ok so I know this isn’t something too terribly special. Today I look at my pending adverts and see John Chow staring right at me. I’m not even that big of a fan on his blog, but the fact that he is the leader in my niche, and that he chose to pay me to advertise on my Entrecard widget is pretty cool.

Chances are he chose my blog for one or two reasons. One, I only cost about 32-64 credits to advertise on, and two, I’m in the same niche as him. You’ll soon see him popping his card into my widget in the next few days.

I haven’t really talked that much about Entrecard. It’s something at least worth you looking into, but if you’re still unsure I’ll have some posts about it soon. It’s really one of those things, what is your situation, and where you stand with blogging.