Are you serious about becoming a big time blogger? What are you doing while you ride as a passenger in an automobile? What are you doing while you wait for your barber to be ready? Yes, I’m going this far, what are you doing while you are on the toilit? You should be blogging.

Now, I’m not saying that I blog on the toilit, but if you like to take your time, what’s stopping you? Cell phones are becoming better and better. The capabilities of some of the newer versions are astonishing. I just recently picked up my new Palm Centro and couldn’t believe what I could do. Besides actually going on the internet, taking pretty high quality videos (unless there is a lot of movement), and of course the full keyboard and touch screen, it has Microsoft Word. What do that mean? All that time that you spend in your life just sitting, waiting, you could turn productive on your phone.

Imagine this, you watch an hour of television everyday, and you make hundreds of dollars a month simply from that. You typed up your daily posts while waiting between commercials. You will still have to do the advertising, sales, and other blog upkeep, but you’d be doing the writing while watching tv.

If you are serious about blogging, the next time your plan expires why not put in a little money. My Palm Centro cost me $100 after rebates and with a two year contract that I would have already paid for anyways. Now I can turn my down time into writing up posts for you guys. I’ve yet to publish anything from my phone, but I do have a few nice articles typed up on there. It may be a bit more geared towards younger bloggers as typing on these tiny keys could take a lot more time for those of you who have troubles even texting.

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