You’ve decided to start a free blog, over hosting your own. While I’m not supporting this decision at all, there are some instances when this is the only option for you. When choosing your free blogs domain name there are many things you need to keep in mind. It can help or hurt you in the long run depending upon the name you choose.

First you have to discover the point of your blog. Is it an extremely tight niche blog purely focusing every post on one word such as make money blog? If the majority of your posts are going to focus on one main term such as that, or you would like to receive traffic primarily from one group of people then it’s rather easy to pick a name. Your search engine results will be much better for the term ‘make money blog’ if your domain name was, That’s just the way it is with the search engines. Obviously, at this stage of the domain game, these domains cost an arm and a leg to get, if they even are for sale. Try to incorporate as many useful keywords into your domain as you can. I chose to use only the keyword ‘blog’ in mine. So step one, identify keywords you may want to use.

Second, the free domains domains available on your blogging platform, and actual domains available for self hosting are different. You may find one that is available on Blogger or WordPress, but you may not be able to ever register it by yourself because somebody else has snatched the domain for self hosting. You want to have the option to be able to move it to your own domain, yet retaining your sites original name. So after you find one you like, check to see if it is available. This will prevent you from having somebody pick it up and launch of your hard earned success. Kind of like johnchow and johncow.

After you’ve found your keywords, and incorporated them into your domain name that is available both on your free blogging platform and godaddy you are ready to create your free blog. There are many things that you will need to do to start being able to take advantage of your keywords in your domain name, but you are off to a great start.

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