I’ve said it before, but when your blog is just starting out, even the artificial bookmarking traffic can be beneficial in picking up a few subscribers. I’m not really into submitting my own articles to these sites, and usually wait for one of my readers if possible, but that doesn’t always happen. If you are in desperate need of traffic and subscribers you may want to look into these social bookmarking site.

Digg is one of the biggest out there. It started off as more of a techie computer geek site, but has since turned into a place for users to submit all kinds of content. If your blog is more of a computer oriented site you will have great success here. That, or sites with pretty amazing posts. Honestly, the posts on this blog aren’t really suited for Digg simply because it is regaurded as simply another spam addition to the site about getting rich. Not a surprise.

StumbleUpon is probably the easiest to use for several reasons. The biggest of which is, they don’t have to be caught by your title to be sent to your site. They only have to have the content area you submit it to in their interests to be sent to your page. This will have deadly effects on your bounce rate, but traffic is traffic. Basically any kind of content is suitable for StumbleUpon as long as you submit it in the correct category.

Reddit is a site very similar to Digg except they have a very strict limitation. You can only submit one page per hour last I checked. It is impossible to get to the front page without being a more recognized member on Reddit, or having killer content. Nonetheless, it’s good for capturing a few views, and depending upon your niche you may find great success with Reddit.

There are many negatives that come with adding your sites to social bookmarking sites, but you can outweight these with the possitives. All of these sites will become more effective as your account status is raised by constant quality additions to the site, as well as careful critiquing of content submitted by others.

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