Welcome to the launch of tryingtoblog.com! I’ve been waiting to get this site up and running for quite some time. I’ve seen some of the bigger blogs in this niche, and let me be the first to tell you, I can do that. Obviously this is going to take quite some time as these blogs are large, established, and recognized. I’m not saying I will beat them, I’m saying I can do what they do no problem. They seem to slack off after they reach the top, and I am going to give them a run for their money, or in this case, subscribers.

My success is generally measured in two different categories by my visitors. The first of which is money. It’s a make money blog, so my readers are expecting me to be making money myself if I am teaching them how to make money with their blogs. The more money you make and announce with your payments, the more popular you seem to become. Second would be you guys, the RSS Subscribers. Blogs are all judged upon this provided they show their subscriber counts off to everybody. Honestly I’d be satisfied with close to 200, but to compete with the top dogs I’ll have to grow to the thousands.

So what kinds of posts can you expect from my blog? Well in short, posts that teach you how to make money, make a successful blog, and gain a readership. There are all sorts of topics I have written posts for already. There are the week long guides for improving traffic, there are the posts talking about how to monetize your blog, and much much more. You’ll have to subscribe to see them.

Still working out a few minor kinks in the layout. Hoping you won’t hold that against me seeing as I decided to forgo purchasing a customized layout for the time being. Bear with me, it will be a fun ride to the top.

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